Company Description

The Defy Studio is located out of Orlando, FL and is a limited liability company. Defy is an independent game development studio that produces a variety of titles from 2D & 3D platforms. Our team encompasses designers, artists, programmers, musicians and more. Creating a kosher environment that promotes self-mastery, creativity, and growth to defy expectations with each of our projects.

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What We Do

Video Game Development

We make games! Mobile, PC, TI-86! We do it all! Come on down to DEFY lot, you'll SAVE SAVE SAVE!

Asset Creation

Our Assets are held to a standard for each package to follow genre and style guidelines.

Freelance & Consulting

Looking for consulting or a bit of work pop up that wasn't expected? WERE HERE FOR YOU. Contact us.

Latest Work - Infiknight

Interactive Idle Game

Play actively for efficiency or allow your knight to pursue on his own!

Fantastic Art

Clean 3d design coupled with articulate 2D hud design is sure to please the eyes.

Play to Any Playstyle

Class free design allows for on the fly skill choices for any dangerous situation.

Play to win, Not Pay to Win

All items are attainable through play.

Which Game Engine Do You Work With? Unity Unreal 4


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Nike Shoes

Photography, Web, Branding

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Amazing Team

Take a closer look into our amazing team. We won’t bite.

Tica "TicTacFresh" Sansook

Founder, Visionary

Anthony "Redderick" Davis

Resident Polymath

Mitchell "____END" Sanchez

360 NOSCOPE Animator

James "Eddge" Bean

Mr. Dr. Lead Programmer

Erick "DeValere" De La Riva

Software Engineer

Joshua "Alchai" Whitford

Software Engineer

William Arroyave

Lead Artist of All the Things

Brandon Knight

Software Engineer

Ryan Stunkel

Chief Executive Sound Guy

Matthew Vazquez

Narrative Designer

Christian Taormina

3D Animation Artist

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